The PC-Pedal®

PC Pedal The PC-Pedal® is a rugged, foot-operated pedal that replaces a single keystroke, a simple combination (for example: Ctrl-F2, Ctrl-a or Alt-z), or any macro identifier. The many uses of the PC-Pedal include: a component of your product, a disability aid, and any manufacturing application for which the operator needs to have both hands free.

The PC-Pedal works with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, and Windows 7, and is available for both USB and 9-pin serial ports.

The O*NET Occupational ViewerTM Suite

O*NET Occupational Viewer Suite The O*NET Occupational ViewerTM, designed for use by career counselors and professionals, facilitiates matching and cross-referencing job titles, codes, and descriptions from eight major occupational classification systems. The O*NET Content Model can be searched for similar occupations, and search results can be filtered by Job Zone (by the experience and training required for each occupation). The Viewer also features detailed, user-customizable reports on any occupation.

The Resume BuilderTM uses a job seeker's past work experience to automatically create a handsome resume using language from the O*NET database that describes the applicant's skills, abilities, and work activities. The Resume BuilderTM creates resumes ready to edit, print, or email.

The Job Description WriterTM, designed for use by human resource staff, automatically creates a job description by listing the skills and work activities in language commonly used across industries. The finished job description is designed to be well-understood and useful for recruiting, retraining, cross-training, and evaluating personnel.

ValueCompTM is an O*NET-based compensation analysis and management system designed for use by human resourse professionals. ValueCompTM is an add-on to your existing HR systems, customized for your human resource management needs.


George Markowsky

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